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Leaves Shadow


Brilliant Flash Fiction

10 year Anniversary Anthology: TENacity

Ardent Dawn Publishing

(upcoming tba)

The witch solved both our problems with one spell. I got the better half of the deal...

Gold Face Mask

Dryad on 3rd Street

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine

(January 2024)

The moment I saw the dryad licking graffiti off the side of the 3rd Street bus stop, I knew it was going to be one of those days.

*Part Two of the 'Wizards, Muses, and Mishaps' Series*

Andromeda Spaceways Issue_93_Cover.jpeg

Dreams in Ink


(October 2023)

Brecka didn’t consider herself a witch. She was an artist; her work just had…side effects. 

*Part of the Sisters Five series*

Artist with Paintbrush

The Flavor of Unity

The Whisky Blot

(August 2023)

How could she simmer in joy with grief brimming in her heart?

*Part of the Sisters Five series (chronologically last)*

Dinner Party

In a World I Cannot Reach

The Colored Lens: Spring 2023

Mom had warned us not to enter other worlds. Gazing was safe, but trespasses rarely ended well.

Green Forest

Borrowed Breath and Starlit Scales

Factor Four Magazine (October 2022)

Factor Four Magazine 2022 Anthology


"One of these days, you're going to kill me."


"I know," she murmured, breath brined with salt and green weed.


A Necessary Sacrifice

Summer of Speculation: Villains by Cloaked Press,

(June 2022)

A cold sorceress, a burning plague, and a man in mourning with few options.

Summer of Speculation 2022 Cover.jpg

Good Intentions

ShadowTouched Anthology

Ardent Dawn Publishing

(upcoming October 2024)

Our human sides do their best to feed good intentions to the creatures that lurk beneath our skin. I try my best to find those intentions; it’s the only way I can get up in the morning. 


Taking the Leap

Scribes Micro Fiction

(November 2023)

Cloud surfing was an unconventional vacation choice.

*Set in my novel's main world*

Aerial View of Clouds

The Secrets We Seek

Seers and Sibyls Anthology

Brigids Gate Press

(September 2023)

Possessing the answers to someone else’s riddle wasn’t just empowering, it was intoxicating.

*Part of the Sisters Five series*

Seers and Sibyls.jpg

Last Straw at the Coffee Shop (New Myths Ezine)

(March 2023)

The day it rained rainbow frogs, I knew I was going to die.

*Part One of the 'Wizards, Muses, and Mishaps' Series*

Cookies on Display

Fatal Acquiescence 

101 Words

(April 2023)

We knew it wasn't a horse.

Girl and Horse

New Moon Sticky Rice with Mango

Deathcap & Hemlock

(March 2023)

A recipe for when all else fails.

Moon Clouds

Fury From the Skies

The Metaworker Literary Magazine

(Sept 2022)

Syraine is a planet that favors the strong. Careless visitors turn into dead visitors.

*Set in my novel's main world*

Fury from Skies Image daniel-olah-gEta6dbzFy0-unsplash-scaled.webp
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