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A disgraced commander fights for a military who devalues him while a short-fused celestial heroine tries to outwit the politicians funding it. Both must face their past and trust each other in order to defend a planet from being devoured by a mad god.
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Commander Kalgot was through being a pawn to powerful leaders. When a loose cannon claims she needs his help to battle the mad god devouring their galaxy, he must risk his career and face his past to have a chance at a future.

Mass Effect x Wheel of Time

111k Science Fantasy

While AWAKENER can stand alone, it is the first novel in a completed Science Fantasy series. The series itself is a blend of space opera and epic fantasy. Deep secrets, dark themes, and difficult truths are hidden within snarky tones and a bit of low-brow humor.

The series has several underlying messages, the largest one stressing the importance of unity despite differences. Vilified species and even the villains themselves are more than they appear, some having deeper connections to the protagonists. Oh, and space battles with magic instead of ships and guns. The military and political aspects are light, focusing more on character relationships and internal struggles. How even the strong weaken themselves from within.

This planned series, The Symphony of the Stars, has five manuscripts in total, with two novellas. A sequel trilogy is planned if the series does well.

AWAKENER was a Page Turner Awards Finalist and made the long list in 2023.

Leaves Shadow
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