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3 Stories coming in Spring!

The Colored Lens just sent out their acceptence letter to me! In a World I Cannot Reach will be pubished in the Spring 2023 edition. It'll be available digitally on Kindle for 5 bucks and later on in print.

In addition to this, New Moon Sticky Rice with Mango is out today at Deathcap and Hemlock. This one is free for anyone to read.

On April 1st, my first drabble (100 word story, or in this case 101 words) will be published by 101 Words.

I still have 2 stories on hold and it may be several months before I hear anything back. In addition, a rather large magazine has had one of my stories for 110 days and their normal response is 20-40 days so I may be holding my breath for that one!

I am focusing on the positives of short fiction while I continue querying. Two more form rejections and several non-responses.

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