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Sisters Five series publications

By some twist of fate, three of the stories I wrote as a loose series have been accepted for publication in the past few months! I announced The Secrets We Seek was accepted into the Seers and Sibyls Anthology on my last post and since then, I have received two more acceptances. Aurealis Magazine will be publishing 'Dreams in Ink' in an upcoming issue and The Whiskey Blot will be publishing 'The Flavor of Unity' in the next two weeks.

While they all can stand alone, if you haven't read any of them, I suggest saving 'The Flavor of Unity' for last. It was meant as a loose ending to the serial, with each other story featuring one or a few of the sisters, who practice unique magics. But it certainly doesn't need to be read in order. 'The Bone Key' is still seeking a good home and I planned on writing one on the quietest sister, Fauna, when inspiration hits again. We'll see. I'm finishing two more shorts and several new stories are under consideration for a few upcoming anthologies.

Querying agents for the novel is less encouraging, filled with a lot of form rejections. I finally got a semi-personal rejection this morning that tells me I'm at least headed in the right direction. I just need to find the right 'match.' Why does it seem like I am running out of choices?

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