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Very happy to say I got an acceptance to a fun new publication known as "Deathcap & Hemlock." Their site appears to be a food blog and if you know me, I love cooking. Their challenge: to tell a deeper narrative through a recipe. Not a story ABOUT cooking, but the recipe itself! I encourage you to check it out. They're all very short, but enjoyable (if a little dark) reads.

I loved this idea but it was harder than I thought.

I had to dig into my personal experiences to find something that felt "right" to write about. I'm generally not a super dark writer in my short stories (though there are plenty of dark themes in the novel series I am working on).

I landed on writing a recipe for 'infertility,' which I have been dealing with for years (eternally grateful to have two amazing stepdaughters). For "New Moon Sticky Rice with Mango," I had the legend of The Moon Maiden in mind combined with the many creepy stories I used to hear when I was younger about mothers bringing their children back from the dead.

I'm very honored to be accepted and added to the first "cookbook" I've been a part of. I'm currently waiting on a publication date, but I was too excited not to share the news!

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