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Queries, rejections, long lists, short lists!

And everything in between! Wow.

Along with a decent amount of lit journal rejections, I have 3 stories on hold! One on the short list of Andromeda Spaceways, one held for voting at The Colored Lens, and is STILL holding onto my one story. They asked to hold it for another 6 months. Got some real positive feedback that warmed my heart and even several rejections (Hexagon <3 ) made me smile with things they said. I really can't complain. :)

I also started querying agents for my manuscript, Awakener, last week. Sent out nine to top and already got 2 form rejections. One, I wasn't certain if I was right for her, but the other I thought I was a pretty good fit. Bummer, but I'll keep plugging away.

Still got big stars in my eyes looking at all the agents I researched I would love to have rep me (along with a ton of others, right?). Faced a bit of imposter's syndrome sending those out. Who am I to send queries to agents representing MY favorite authors? As if I were in the same ballpark as them. Still, I ignored the voice. Worst they can do is say no. Just got to keep a thick skin.

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