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First post? Celebrating rejection

I put off making one of these, thinking I had nothing to say that other writer's blogs didn't already cover. But I remember how many I read that shared pieces of the same journey I am on and they make me feel less alone.

I was finally compelled tonight to make the blog when I got my 63rd short story rejection and I was absolutely elated! No joke, I've been grinning with glee for the past hour.


Because I have submitted 4 previous pieces to Metephorosis Magazine, all form rejections within a day (they're fast). They, like most of the magazines I'm submitting to right now, have a very low acceptance rate (they accept like...1% of submissions).

My 5th submission tonight, The Secrets We Seek, was rejected 40 minutes after I submitted.

Ouch. Record time and I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit crushed. I really thought this story fit them.

So I didn't expect to see --REJECTION (personal)-- as the title when I opened my email. I gasped and found that not only did this email say that while I wasn't a fit, but they encouraged me to keep submitting and hope to see more, but the editor gave me personal feedback on the piece itself and ways they thought it could be improved.

Don't think I've been quite so over the moon over a rejection before. I've gotten a nice chunk of personal rejections and I've been happy with every one. But this one hit hard. I had all but given up thinking this publication would like anything I had to offer and this just reminds me to keep trying. Sure, every "no" sucks, but it doesn't cost me anything if I keep a thick skin.

I'm going to try and share things like this from time to time. Though I write every day, I'm not the greatest at keeping up with social media.

And who cares if I have nothing 'new' to say? Maybe the fact that I am saying what others are feeling or experiencing is more important.

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